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Our volunteer opportunities are designed to provide a behind the scenes look into Save a Child's Heart. Volunteers are responsible for organizing stimulating activities and acting as a friend and a familiar face to the children and their escorts during their stay in Israel, pre and post surgery. In addition, volunteers are exposed to different cultures and languages that they may not have a chance to experience, if not for being at SACH.

All volunteers take part in our #EndlessLev initiative, where they have the chance to share their experience and become ambassadors for Save a Child’s Heart.

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The minimum age for all volunteers is 18 years old. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please email.

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Full-Time Volunteer

Full-time volunteers live in the SACH Children’s Home and are fully immersed in the day to day lives of the children at Save a Child’s Heart. Your role in this position will be to plan fun, imaginative, and educational activities, oversee that the children are involved in safe activities, and help the House-mother and Volunteer Coordinator with any additional tasks.
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Part-Time Volunteer
Ongoing part-time volunteers have the unique ability of following kids through their SACH journey. Every week, you see them at a different stage - from their arrival to their departure. Part-time volunteers have the chance to form relationships with kids throughout the duration of their stay, that last a lifetime.
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Volunteer Experiences

“Balagan,” the Hebrew slang word for chaos or a mess, was just about the first word I heard upon entering 16 Haviva Reik. Since then, that word has continually echoed throughout the SACH house. “Don’t make balagan!” “YOU! Very, very big balagan!” I can hear those phrases resounding downstairs as I write this post from my bed. Let me be clear: “BALAGAN” is used for everything. And I mean everything.

To read more about Scarlett's time volunteering at the Children's Home and many more stories, check out the SACH House Blog.

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