SACH Young Leaders rally to save ten year old Desire from Uganda

May 14, 2015

When she was eight Desire started to experience weakness and fatigue, she couldn’t stand for any period of time and she suffered from headaches and high temperatures. Desire was diagnosed with a life-threatening heart disease, however the life-saving surgery she so desperately needed is not available in Uganda. Desperate, Desire’s parents searched for a way to save their daughter’s life, including through social media.

A short while later, a chance viewing of a Facebook post by a SACH Young Leadership board member about Desire kicked off a campaign to save her. In less than two weeks the Young Leadership campaign raised over $10,000 enough to pay for her life-saving heart surgery at the Wolfson Medical Center through Save a Child’s Heart and a few short weeks later, on May 13 2015, Desire landed in Israel for her surgery.

Desire is a smart young girl whose favorite subjects at school are English and Math, unfortunately she has regularly missed school due to her heart defect. She looks forward to being able to dance again.

Desire is currently in Israel,  accompanied by her mother, recovering from her surgery.

We say a massive thank you to our Young Leaders around the world, especially in the USA, for taking Desire’s story to your hearts and making a difference.

Find out how you, or someone you know, can get involved and become a SACH Young Leader.