Meet Izzie Stafford, Save a Child Heart (SACH) big supporter in UK.

October 30, 2016

Izzie Stafford is a big supporter of Save a Child Heart in UK.Izzie became interested in the work SACH does after SACH UK Trustee David Silverston did a presentation to the South Bucks Jewish Community on SACH and how they could use Mitzvah Day to help the children we treat. Izzie and her mother Annie contacted David later and asked for more information about the charity and how they could help.

Izzie then decided to adopt SACH as her charity Mission on her Bat Mitzvah year. Her Bat Mitzvah wish was to fund raise for Save a Child’s Heart by running 10 km. On September 10th she celebrated her Bat Mitzvah and just a day after her Bar Mitzvah party she fulfilled her wish and raised over £1100.

Not only did lzzie raise this amount, her community, the South Bucks Jewish Community, donated to SACH the amount of £1500 from their High Holiday Appeal. This was a magnificent gesture as the community number just 200 members and is yet to have its own building, they currently use the village hall to have services.
Izzie and Annie also attend Alyth Synagogue in North West London and coincidently we had arranged for Professor Arie Schechner who was in the UK at the time, to go to Alyth to give a talk on SACH in their Friday night service. Izzie and Annie attended the service and Izzie was very excited to meet Arie, what she didn’t know was that we had a little surprise for her, So on September 17th, SACH board member David Silverston, SACH Israel President Professor Arie Schechner and members of SACH UK presented Izzie with a certificate in appreciation of her support and dedication to Save a Child’s Heart.
Izzies next ambition is to visit the children’s house in Israel and we look forward to welcoming her there.