Goodbye to 14-year-old Andy from the Solomon Islands

September 3, 2019

Last week, 14-year-old Andy from the Solomon Islands who underwent successful life-saving heart surgery in June at the Wolfson Medical Center went home. The Solomon Islands represents the 61st country reached by Save a Child's Heart.

We would again like to thank the Australian Donors of Save A Child's Heart Australia in Sydney and Melbourne for your support and generous donation to sponsor Andy's treatment and save his life.

Before Andy and his mother left to go home Andy said: “I can’t name all of you but a big thank you to all the SACH family and friends and that you accepted me to come to your wonderful country to save my heart.

A really big thank you to the doctors that fixed my heart, God gave me a broken heart and you just saved it. Thank you so much! I would also like to thank Laura, the house mother. Thank you for having me and my mom at the SACH house - you are such a wonderful mom. David and Bindy, Fiji Honorary Consul Mary-Clare, Israeli Ambassador to the Solomon Islands Tibor Shalev-Schlosser and all those who have helped and visited me and my mom in the hospital and at the SACH house, I can't thank you enough, you’ve meant so much to me and my family back home.

We will never forget what you all have done for me and my family. The Solomon Islands will never forget! Thank you so much! My time in Israel was short but I will cherish your kindness toward me for as long as I live.

I am hoping to return to this wonderful place and to lend a hand. Thank you SACH and thank you Israel. Peace be with you!”

Update: When Andy and Nesta got home his father said: 

"Andy and Nesta arrived safely home yesterday at 12;20 pm. I would like to take this time to sincerely thank you all for taking good care of Andy and his mom. Thank you so much. I am sure Andy has a lot of good memories of all of you.  Big thanks to all the SACH family and doctors who saved Andy. You have done a great and wonderful job saving all the children at SACH hospital. Solomon islands says Thank You. To our Israeli Consul Leliana Firisua.

Thank you Tumas for all the kindness shown to us in making the life-saving trip to Israel for Andy possible. Dawn, Laura, Mary-Clare, Tibor, Sara Sofa you meant so so much to Andy. He talks about all of you that meant so much to him when am not around. Thank you so much. You've been a blessing to those of us that have children under your care. I trust that all other parents around the world would say Thank You too for the great kindness you've shown to all of us when we are not around our little ones. God Bless you all and keep doing good.

Andy will live and enjoy a normal life because of all of you and SACH. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL."