Giro D'Italia visiting SACH

May 9, 2018

Thanks to Sylvan Adams, the Giro D’Italia kicked off its race in Jerusalem for its' first appearence in Israel.

Israel Cycling Academy visits the Children's Home

Sylvan Adams visited the Children’s home together with the Israel Cycling Academy, setting up a biking event (with the help of Balance Extreme on Wheels) for the SACH children that could not have been more fun! Toddlers were laughing on mini-bikes, older kids were racing the cyclists and each other on stationary bikes, and visitors from a local school helped all of them make arts and crafts.

It definitely ended up being a very special day both for the cyclists and for the children, who appreciated and enjoyed every second of the visit!

Front-row at the Giro's kick-off in Haifa

On the second day of the Giro, Save a Child’s Heart got to sit front-row at the starting line of the race in Haifa! Thanks to Sylvan Adams, our children from around the world got to witness the kick-off of the race.

Sylvan Adams

Many, many thanks to Sylvan Adams for bringing the Giro to Israel for its 70th Birthday, for visiting the Children’s Home and for inviting us to join the international celebration at a reception in Jerusalem together with the Director of Wolfson Medical Center Dr. Anat Engel, Dr. Lior Sasson, Robert Baruch and Margaret Adams!

Good Luck!

Save a Child’s Heart wishes the Israel Cycling Academy and all the other cyclists GOOD LUCK in the rest of the Giro D’Italia!!