3-Year Old George Returns to Romania with Healed Heart and Hearing Aid

June 18, 2016

3-year old George arrived to Israel with his mother Violeta on May 8, 2016. After settling in at the SACH House, Housemother Laura Kafif noticed that George was not speaking, and was not responsive when called. Laura took George to a local Ears Nose and Throat specialist where it was discovered that George was completely deaf in one ear, and hard of hearing in the other. After undergoing cardiac catheterization, Save a Child’s Heart decided to go one step further and fit him for a hearing aid as well! After a few fitting sessions, and speaking with Romanian physicians about the availability of certain batteries in Romania, George received his new hearing aid!

Although a hard adjustment, it is clear to see how much more interactive George immediately became with his surroundings, and how much better he interacted with the other children at the SACH House. George recovered quickly from his catheterization and only a few days after receiving his hearing aids, was ready to go home. George will continue to get used to his new hearing aids back in Romania. Thank you to 1NewHeart for supporting the effort to give George his hearing aid!