Our Team

Meet the Save a Child's Heart team, who makes sure that the humanitarian activity of saving children's lives continues smoothly.

Medical team

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Dr. Hagi Dekel - Director, Cardiothoracic Surgery Dept
Dr. Lior Sasson - Head of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Anat Mastor - Head of Perfusion
Yigal Sofer - Perfusionist
Ala'a Mansour - Perfusionist
Olga Gur - Deputy Head Nurse, Operating Rooms
Evgenia Siklier - Head Nurse, Pediatric Cardiac Operating Rooms
Chaya Museri - Retired Head Nurse, Pediatric Cardiac Operating Rooms

Pediatric Cardiology
Dr. Akiva Tamir - Head of Pediatric Cardiology Emeritus
Dr. Alona Raucher Sternfeld - Head of Pediatric Cardiology
Dr. Sagi Assa - Senior Pediatric Cardiologist & Head of the Interventional Pediatric Cardiology Unit
Dr. Hanita Shai - Senior Pediatric Cardiologist & Head of Pediatric Cardiac MRI program
Yifat Brosh - Pediatric Echocardiography Technician
Svetlana Katsovich - Head Nurse Catheterization Laboratory
Itzak Meirovich - Catheterization Laboratory Head Technician
Tal Sela - Catheterization Laboratory Technician

Dr. Nugzar Rijini - Head of the Anesthesia Department
Dr. Sherman Alexander - Head of Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia
Dr. Andrey Gluch - Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesiologist

Pediatric Intensive Care
Dr. Sion Houri - Director of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Dr. Ilan Cohen - Deputy Director, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Dr. Racheli Sion Sarid - Senior Pediatric Intensivist
Irena Nosal - Head Nurse, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Revital Cohen - Deputy Head Nurse, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Pediatric Surgical Ward
Nava Gershon - Head Nurse, Pediatric Surgical Ward
Nelly Avramov - Deputy Head Nurse, Pediatric Surgical Ward
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Staff Israel

Simon Fisher
Executive Director

Tamar Shapira
Deputy Executive Director
Director of International & Public Relations

Sarah Nevo
Office Manager

Laura Kafif
House Mother

Dawn Mizrachi
Medical Secretary

Anna Kos
International Young Leadership Director

Marissa Rosenfeld
Marketing Manager

Ido Gutin
Director of Resource Development

Dr. Wafiq Othman
Palestinian Program Coordinator

Fatima Sarsour
Palestinian Families Coordinator

Bernardo Scheinberg
Finance and Economy Director

Ayala Hemo

Dawn Mizrahi
Medical Secretary

Orit Drukman
Research Coordinator

Luba Kuritzky
Secretary, Pediatric Cardiology Unit

Coral Mazaltov
Secretary, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Board Israel
Professor Arie Schachner, President
Yoram Cohen, Chairman
Yoram Benita, Treasurer
Adi Ashkenazi, Secretary
Uri Kertes
Yaacov Livne
Rafi Priell
Dr Yiztak Berlowitz
Dr Zehavit Zievner
Lewis Gerber
Hagit Kochva
Yuval Bronstein
Mohamad Mansour
Debbie Silver
Yael Dayan
Ayala Atar
Gil Rabinowitz
Sheila Shalhevet

Audit Committee
Amiram Van Kloeten, Chairman of Audit Committee
Shlomo Zalel
Sally Esakov
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Staff United States

David Litwack
Executive Director

Marla Landis
West Coast Regional Director

Brianna Fowler
Assistant Director of Development

Nancy Pardo
West Coast YL Director

Yaniv Hoffman
East Coast YL Director

Anita Greenwald
Office Manager

US Honorary Board
David Avital
Mayim Bialik
Duff Goldman
Amb. Daniel Kurtzer
Howard Leiter
Aaron David Miller
Amb. Thomas Pickering
Josh Rolnick
Amb. Edward Walker
Elie Wiesel, z”l
Hon. Dov Zakheim

US Governing Board
Jeff Hoffman, Co-President
Judy Shore, Co-President
Barry Perlis, Past President
Ori Reiss, Vice President
Erica Kane, Treasurer
Marc Feinberg, Secretary
Vivian Bass
Amb. Frances Cook
Simon Elias
Ben Feder
Philip Goldman
Lesley israel
Yan Katsnelson
Karina Kaufman
Carmi Kobren
Joseph Lucosky
Jennifer Fisher Margolius
Laura Ozer
Brad Rosen
Margy Rosenbluth
Peter Wells
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Long-term volunteers

We invite you to get to know just a few of our long-term volunteers both in the hospital and in the children's home:

Azor Ladies Circle

The Azur Ladies Circle became involved with SACH in 2007, often organising parties with activities in the Save a Child’s Heart children’s home, making all the children and mothers very happy.

Bank Leumi Staff
Since 2008, the local branch of Leumi Bank in Holon visits the children’s home every holiday, bringing lots of goodies for the children, creating an exciting and festive atmosphere.

Bruria Gal
Bruria is from Kibbutz Lahav in South Israel. She has been volunteering at the hospital with Dr. Tamir and his team since 2004. Bruria keeps the SACH Archives for the Pediatric Cardiology Clinic up-to-date and filed so that the medical records of the children are easily accessible. Bruria also regularly take children and parents to the airport when they return home after their life saving treatment in Israel.

Einav Barazany
Einav is an Israeli Aeronautical Engineer and world traveller. Einav has been volunteering at the Save a Child’s Heart children’s home since 2004. It is great to have a male volunteer, especially for the older boys in the home who love playing and speaking with him. Over the years Einav has taken children on trips as well as befriending and taking many of the volunteers living at the SACH House and the doctors and the nurses who are training with SACH, on trips around Israel.

EL AL Social Committee
Since 2008, the EL AL Social committee visits the children’s home every Israeli holiday bringing gifts and chocolates to for the children and mothers.

Eva Gross
Eva joined us in 2008. She is an Israeli retired dentist who volunteers at the Tuesday weekly Palestinian clinic with Dr. Tamir and his team.

Lea Labi
Since 2004 Lea has been coming every week, with a smile, to the children’s home to volunteer and play with the children. The children look forward to her arrival and eagerly await the days' activities. She always has a special treat for the children. Lea keeps the "clothes closet" in order, a daunting job with all the activity at the SACH House.

Lolitta Markus
Lolitta lived for many years in Congo. She has been volunteering in the Save a Child’s Heart children’s home since 2003. Lolita is a Friday regular. Armed with ice-cream and treats for the children she makes her day a special celebration each week. She also helps keep the clothes and shoes cupboard stocked to give to the children and mothers.

Maureen Benita
Maureen was born in Britain and has been living in Israel since 1969. Maureen worked at the Catheterization Laboratory at the Wolfson Medical Center and after retiring in 2007 she wanted to continue and help the children of Save a Child’s Heart. She joined Dr. Tamir and his team at the Tuesday weekly clinic for Palestinian children and has been part of the team since then.

Sheila Shalhevet
American born Sheila has been living in Israel since 1970. She has been with Save a Child’s Heart since April 2001. Sheila is an active board member and volunteer and she is the Save a Child’s Heart photographer – taking the photo of each and every child arriving in Israel. In addition Sheila makes herself available at all times helping out in the SACH house and with visitors.

Tali Shaked
Tali manages a kindergarden in Holon and has been volunteering for Save a Child’s Heart since 2005. Every week she comes on her single day off from work and helps Dr. Tamir and his team in the Tuesday weekly Palestinian clinic.

Yossef Yacobi
Yossef, or as we all call him – Papa Lemon – lives in Azor and is a neighbour to the children’s home. Since 2006 Yossef has been coming to the house to help with the gardening and the day to day jobs. He speaks to the children and mothers in the many languages he knows and brings a neighbourly feeling to the SACH House when he visits in the evenings, bringing lots of lemons freshly picked from his garden.

Helene Kaminsky
Helene is a dedicated volunteer who comes to SACH every week and is loved by the children and their mothers. When children return home, Helene takes them to the airport and ensures their safe departure. Helene organizes the donation of clothes, bags and shoes for the children. Most of all Helen's love and dedication to the children cared for by SACH embodies the spirit of our volunteers. Helen is Israeli-French.
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