Jimma Ethiopia

February 2010

The mission was sponsored by TAG – “Sharing knowledge changing lives”

On February 10, 2010 Dr. Akiva Tamir, Chief Pediatric Cardiologist and Professor Abraham Haileamlak Mitike, who is a physician from Ethiopia training in Israel with SACH in Pediatric Cardiology, began a three day mission to examine children in Jimma, Ethiopia.

The arrival of the doctors was announced on the radio and the local parents brought their children to the hospital in Jimma to be screened by the doctors.

The two doctors screened children with the portable echo machine on loan for the medical mission from GE. They were joined by residents and students from the Jimma hospital who assisted and learned from the experience.

As a result of their working from morning until evening 51 children were examined in the clinic. 20 of whom were found to need surgery now, and the rest will require follow up in the next few years and possible surgery

Professor Abraham has been training with Save a Child’s Heart since September 2009 and he will return to Ethiopia in six months. The first of the children who need surgery will be arriving before he returns home.