Ethiopia Clinic

May 2015

April-May 2015

An all female team from Israel traveled to Ethiopia to screen children and follow up with former patients.

155 children were screened in Adis Ababa and Jimma in four intense days.

A team from the Wolfson Medical Center flew to Ethiopia with Abel (7), Elnatan (1) and Tadila (5) who were returning home with mended hearts. They were accompanied by Save a Child’s Heart staff, two film crews and Gelila, an Ethiopian nurse returning home after spending six months in Israel with SACH.

Abel, Elnatan and Tadilas’ families were eagerly waiting their children’s return at Adis Ababa Bole International Airport . As soon as the children emerged their families ran towards them and greeted them with hugs kisses and tears of joy.

We were moved to be invited to Abel’s family home and witness their emotional response to reuniting with their precious son, home with a mended heart after three months in Israel.