Azerbaijan Mission

November 2014

Save a Child's Heart has completed a very successful, first-time medical mission in Azerbaijan on November 13th, 2014.

Our medical team, made up of doctors from Wolfson Medical Center, included Drs. Alona Raucher, Sion Houri, and Simon Yakobashvili. They were able to screen and diagnose 20 children at the Scientific Surgical Center n.a M.A. Topchubasov, and those with heart disease will soon be brought to Israel to undergo lifesaving heart surgery.

The doctors and the executive director of Save a Child's Heart, Simon Fisher, were also able to attend very important meetings with the Azerbaijan Ministry of Health and the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, which will be supporting Azerbaijani children's treatment with Save a Child's Heart in the future.

As our medical team discussed with the Israeli Ambassador to Azerbaijan, we hope this is just the beginning of a lifesaving partnership between Azerbaijan and Israeli's doctors, Save a Chid's Heart, and Wofson Medical Center.