Jun 1, 2018

Theater Production: Save a Child's Heart



United States

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Theater Company Performs Play about Save a Child's Heart

During June of 2018, Harmony Theater Company and School performed a play written about (and titled) Save a Child's Heart to audiences at the University of Minnesota and Minneapolis JCC Theater.

Following each show, panel discussions were held with representatives from supportive organizations and questions were sourced from the audiences.

Leading up to the performance, the writers of the play spent a full year learning about Save a Child's Heart and the experiences of those who have been affected by our work, interviewing representatives of the organization, as well as writing and producing the story.

This time and effort resulted in a very successful play and a passionate and enthusiastic audience! The show will be back next year, by popular demand, with new panelists in new locations - even in new states!

Thank you to Harmony Theater Company and School for helping us to raise awareness about our mission, heart disease in children, and for representing us so well. And... break a leg!

"I truly enjoyed the performance. I found myself really caring about each character. The actors were excellent. I also enjoyed the panel after the performance. I think this show should be presented at synagogues, churches and schools across the state."