To save one life
is to save the world

Save a Child's Heart is building a new International Pediatric Cardiac Center and Sylvan Adams Children's Hospital to help save more children's lives. Help us construct this lifesaving building at Wolfson Medical Center in Israel by buying a brick today!

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Every 29 hours Save a Child’s Heart is saving a life. Our volunteer doctors and nurses work to ensure that children with heart disease are treated no matter race, religion, ethnic background, nationality or financial status.
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The project

Every brick purchased will help us to continue our work and multiply our impact! We ask that each person who donates finds ONE other person (friends, family or colleagues) to donate as well. This way, our project will grow and our dream of completing the International Pediatric Cardiac Center and Sylvan Adams Children's Hospital will become a reality sooner.

Our impact

Save a Child’s Heart is an Israel-based international non-profit organization, based out of Wolfson Medical Center, that works to improve the quality of pediatric cardiac care for children in developing countries and create centers of competence in these countries. Save a Child’s Heart's believes that all children deserve a chance at life, regardless of nationality, religion, color, gender or financial situation.

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18 in Hebrew means life. Therefore, each brick costs $ 18.
We accept credit cards and PayPal. 

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