SACH Young Ambassadors (SYAs)

The SACH Young Ambassador Program is for young people around the world who are effective advocates for Save a Child’s Heart.  This helps SACH continue and strengthen its mission and life-saving work.  SACH Young Ambassadors (SYA) are students ranging from middle school through university and adults who are in the early stages of their careers.  This corner of threwebsite is for our Ambassadors to receive recognition for the time and energy they volunteer advocating and raising funds for SACH.  Through the use of our blog you can share ideas, seek advice and guidance, as well as share successes and updates on your SACH activity.

A SACH Young Ambassador advocates for Save a Child’s Heart in one or more of three ways:

• Social networking; Young Ambassadors talk to friends and family, local children’s and humanitarian organizations, synagogues and Jewish Centers, college and high school campus groups, and others to increase awareness about SACH and its mission.  Young Ambassadors give talks, write articles for their local newspapers, and tweet and blog about SACH, and then share their stories with other Ambassadors and SACH constituents.

• Event planning; Young Ambassadors organize informational and fundraising events to cultivate supporters and raise funds to help save more children’s lives.  These events can be organized by an individual Ambassador in his or her community, or as an extension of college campus groups or Young Professional Committees that are being created around the world.

• Individual fundraising; Young Ambassadors create on-line fundraising pages and ask friends and family for donations.  They may also develop other projects and programs that will increase material support for SACH.

As a SACH Young Ambassador, you will be part of a worldwide community of young adults advocating on behalf of SACH, who are committed to helping save children’s lives and promoting a positive image of Israel around the world.

If you would like to become an ambassador  send an e-mail to with a paragraph about your connection to SACH and why you want to be an Ambassador. 


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