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Save a Child's Heart is currently treating twenty eight children:



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 Fataki Idi



Fataki is a cute 2 and a half year old boy from Kiwanja, a small city in Congo. He lives with his parents and 4 siblings. They live with the mother’s cousin and his family in one house and Fataki likes to play with his cousins. His father is a mechanic and his mother is a housewife. Fataki is too small to attend school but the mother describes him as a happy child that is always laughing and is always in for a joke.



 Pascaline Kamala Kahindo



Pascaline is a beautiful 7 year old girl from Goma, Congo. She lives with her parents and 3 brothers. Her mother is a housewife and her father is a nurse but he is currently unemployed and looking for a new job. They live with the younger sister of the mother who helps them a lot. Pascaline attends 2nd grade of primary school and really likes it, but unfortunately she cannot attend class every day as there are days that she feels too sick. After school she loves to draw, she makes beautiful sketches on the sidewalk with chalk and is a very creative girl. When she grows up she would like to be a nun and live in a monastery, she tells us this is her biggest dream as she wants to work for god.



 Albert Dunia Mulosa Nima



Albert is a handsome 10 year old boy from Goma. He lives with his mother and 12 siblings, 6 boys and 6 girls. His father doesn’t live with them as he is a carpenter and is always on the road to find jobs to provide for his family. Albert’s mother is a housewife and together with his oldest sister they take care of his big family, including Albert who needs a lot of attention. Albert never attended school as he has always been too sick and weak to do anything at all. He spends his days at home watching television and loves music and cartoons. He is a very gentle and brave boy who seems a bit shy but can give you the most beautiful smile! He would love to become a doctor when he grows up.



 Ursule Wany Lututu



Ursule is a striking 10 year old girl with big brown eyes. She lives with her family in an apartment in Goma. Her mother has 8 children, 4 girls and 4 boys and Ursule is the 6th. She likes to play with her youngest sister who is 3 years old. Her oldest sister is studying law and her mother is a nurse. Ursule’s father is a nutritionist who is currently looking for a new job. Ursule attends 2nd grade but misses a lot of school because she is sick a lot. She loves to play cards and together with her brothers she plays bridge. She would like to be a nun when she grows up as she would like to help other people.









 Eliyas Mekonin Zewude



Eliyas is a handsome 15 year old boy who lives in Jimma city. He grew up in a small village but ran away from home when he was 8 years old. In his village there was no possibility to attend school and Eliyas really wanted to get an education so now he lives with his aunt. Most of her children are already out of the house, one is in university and the other one is working. Eliyas is very happy to live with her and his uncle who is retired. His aunt sells vegetables and takes care of him and her youngest daughter who still lives with them. He is currently attending the 6th grade and loves school. He is very good with his hands and loves to do chores that involve electricity. Eliyas’ big dream is to become an engineer. He is very smart and creative.



 Mulualam Tamiru Wolde



Mulualam is a shy 13 year old girl from Dedo, a village in the Jimma area. She is very sweet and tells us about her village. She lives there with her parents, two brothers and two sisters, she is the youngest in the family. Mulualam attends school and is currently in the 6h grade, she likes the English course the best. After school she collects wood for the fire and helps her mother. Mulualam especially likes to help out with making coffee; she doesn’t like to drink it herself but enjoys making it for visitors and family. Three years ago she had an accident when she was plucking coffee beans; she got a bean in her eye and unfortunately lost the sight in that eye.  The doctors discovered that she had a heart condition at the age of three, when she was always sick, felt weak, and was suffering from palpitations.



  Abubekir Nesiru Hassen



Abubekir is a very friendly young man from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He is now 12 years old and in the 4th grade. He lives in a mud house with his mother, who is a housewife, his father, who is a driver, and four sisters and two brothers. It takes Abubekir about two hours to get to the nearest hospital. When he was younger he went to the hospital for Malaria and that is where the doctors discovered his heart condition. Even though Abubekir tires easily, he loves to play football. Abubekir aspires to become a doctor when he grows up.



  Abdulazez Saied Hileso



Abdulezez is a very handsome 11 year old boy from Ethiopia, who is in Israel for the second time. He is from Addis Ababa,  where he and his family live in a mud house. His father is a trader and his mother is a housewife. He has three sisters and three brothers that he loves to play with. He loves to play cards with all of the other kids here at Save a Child's Heart.  He also loves to play football but tires easily from his heart condition. He is currently in the third grade and his favorite subject is Amaharic. He hopes to one day be a doctor so that he can to save lives.



  Radiet Solomon Asefa



Radiet is an adorable 5 year old girl from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She is not shy at all and is very independent. Radiet does not have any siblings. She and her mother live in a mud house. She is very excited to be able to play with the other children here at the Save a Child's Heart home. Radiet just started in school and loves it very much. When Radiet is all grown up she wants to be a driver.



  Kalkidan Mulugeta Ayalew



Kalkidan is a precious, big-eyed, pig-tailed 10 and a half month old from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Kalkidan does not have any brothers and sisters and is keeping her parents hands full for now. She is here with her lovely caring mother who tells us that when they took little Kalkidan to the doctors for pneumonia, they found that she had a heart condition. The doctors then referred Kalkidan to Save a Child's Heart. Little Kalkidan is stealing the hearts of all of the volunteers and staff members here at SACH with her adorable smile.









 David Kofi Kumah



David is a cute little baby boy from Ghana. He lives with his parents and two younger brothers in the capital, Accra. His father is an engineer and his mother works as a secretary. David loves crayons and balloons. He is a very energetic boy who loves to jump around, unfortunately his condition gives him some restrictions; he gets tired very easily. When he was born they discovered that there was a problem with his right ear, because of this they were sent to the hospital and after numerous tests he was diagnosed with a heart condition. His mother is very grateful to be here and to get this chance.










 Sara, Iraq



Sara, from Northern Iraq is accompanied to Israel by her mother. This is Sara's second time in Israel. When she first arrived in Israel, in a very foreign environment she was initially very nervous. However, her mother's strength was enough to ease her anxieties about her upcoming procedures. Like most other adolescents, this beautiful thirteen year old girl is very emotionally sensitive, but she is quick to make friends, taking the younger children under her wing. In Iraq, Sara has a twin and is one of 10 children! Sara was diagnosed with a heart defect as an infant. Her specific condition is one that is ideally corrected during early childhood. Doctors in Baghdad made a decision to wait when she was a baby to see if she might naturally grow out of the condition. Growing up with a serious heart condition is extremely difficult and her perseverance is apparent in her will to continue in her bravery in the face of serious medical procedures.




 Rozhgar, Iraq



Rozhgar is a fourteen year old teenager from Northern Iraq, who is in Israel for the second time. From the moment she arrived she has been very attentive and helpful with the younger children. It is clear where she gets her compassion as her mother also reaches out to comfort the other mothers. Rozhgar is one of seven daughters, and studies in the seventh grade back in Iraq. She loves learning but has been finding it more and more difficult to make it to school with her heart condition, which is evident by her blue pallor. She is so grateful to be here in Israel and looks forward to returning home. Rozhgar is now a graceful, mature and kind young woman who has become very tall since the last time we saw her. Rozhgar and Sara, another girl who is in Israel from Iraq, were both in Israel at the same time during their first trip. They have become good friends and it is great for them to be here together and have eachother's support.



 Aram, Iraq



Aram is a beautiful two year old boy with big eyes, from northern Iraq who was born with a rare congenital heart defect. In addition to Aram having a serious heart condition, he has also never learned to walk, despite being nearly three years old. Aram is a shy, small, fragile child with a huge need for comfort and security. The only place where he is calm is the protecting arms of his mother. His mother, a soft-spoken and gentle woman, never leaves his side.



 Dyako, Iraq



Dyako is a little boy from northern Iraq who is in Israel with his mother. Dyako’s parents realized something was wrong with their sweet baby boy almost immediately after he was born. A visit to a local cardiologist just nine days after his birth confirmed their fears, when he was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease. Dyako is a cute little baby with beautiful dark eyes and a heart-melting smile. His mother is a brave, open-minded, sweet woman with a caring heart for her little son. Her ability to speak some English, due to her being a teacher at school in Kurdistan, is helpful during conversations here in Israel.



 Dawod, Iraq



Dawod is a thirteen year old boy from northern Iraq, who is in Israel with his mother. The tenth of thirteen siblings, he is small for his age and looks like he could be eight or nine. His slight frame, though, is superseded by his cheerful face and his open smile.









 Allan, Nigeria


Allan is a 10 month old baby boy from Nigeria.










 Faiz, Palestinian Authority



Faiz is a one week old baby boy from Gaza, admitted to the Wolfson Medical Center as an urgent case. Faiz came to Israel by ambulance and was immediately admitted to the ICU at Wolfson Medical Center. 



 Jihad, Palestinian Authority



With his adorable big brown eyes two year old Jihad stares quietly taking in the world around him. When he was only one month old his parents took little Jihad to the doctors for a routine shot and while he was there the doctors discovered his heart condition. Jihad is here at the Wolfson Medical Center from Nablus with both of his loving and attentive parents. His father works for the government while his mother is a housewife so she can stay home with the children. He has one sister who he loves to play with.



 Mohammed, Palestinian Authority


Mohammed is a little 3 month old baby boy from the Palestinian Authority.



 Rua'a, Palestinian Authority



Rua’a is a very sweet nine and a half year old girl from Nablus who is in Israel with both her parents. Rua’a is currently in the fourth grade and loves school. She especially loves to draw and all other kinds of art. She is here at the Wolfson Medical Center for her second heart surgery. She has known about her heart condition ever since she was born and was referred to Save a Child’s Heart by her doctors. Her father says there have been improvements after each surgery. She has two brothers. Her mother is a housewife and her a worker. Rua’a loves to go out and hang out with her friends and play computer games with them.









 David Stefan Acatrinei



David is a cute 10 month old baby boy from Vaslui, Romania. He is an only child and lives with his parents who both adore him. His parents work together and are both nurses at a psychiatric department for children. Since David's birth his mother stayed at home because of his heart condition.




 Octavian Stefan Biru




Octavian is a charming little 3 year old boy who lives in a small community near Podu Turcului. He lives there with his parents and 2 older sisters and 1 brother. His brother is six and likes to play with Octavian, while his older sisters are already married and one of them has a little baby boy. Octavian's father is a handyman and his mother is a housewife.








 Eldyn Bessie Abbey Ganza



Eldyn is a three week old baby girl from Rwanda. Eldyn was born with a severe heart defect and was transferred to the Wolfson Medical Center as quick as possible. After all the visas, passports and flight tickets were arranged, she could finally travel to Israel accompanied by her mother and a nurse. Little Eldyn had to travel with a bottle of oxygen and both in Rwanda and in Israel there were ambulances transporting her to and from the airport. Eldyn is currently in Wolfson’s ICU and will undergo life-saving heart surgery ASAP.










 Simon Sumun



Simon is a charming little boy who can get anything done with his big smile and beautiful eyes. Simon is 6 years old and he has brothers as well as sisters but he cannot remember how many. His father sells vegetables at the market and his mother is a tailor. He is in 1th grade in school and loves it; he would like to go to school every day of his life. He wants to be a doctor when he grows up.




 Demerisi Diocres Mutangira



Demerisi is a lovely 7 year old girl who comes to Israel from Tanzania, where she lives with her parents and 3 siblings. She attends school and is in the 2nd grade. Her favourite colour is white, her favourite food is chapati, and she really enjoys playing with tins. At the SACH home, she gets along well with the other children. Though she is quite small for her age, she keeps up with them well and says that it is good to be here. She has burns on her hand and stomach due to an accident with boiling porridge. She is here without her mother.



 Aisha Mbukilo Kayandakamo



Aisha is a beautiful 5 year old girl from Mwanza, Tanzania. There, she lives with her mother (Scholastica), her father (Mbukiro), and her 6 siblings (5 girls and 1 boy) with whom she loves playing. Both of her parents are farmers. During the day, Aisha can be found in the kindergarten class of the local school. Her favourite subject is English. Aisha often gets fevers, which is how her heart condition was initially discovered. During a hospital visit for one of her severe fevers, the doctors did some additional tests and discovered something was wrong with her heart. Fortunately, she currently experiences no limitations from her heart condition. She is able to play with her friends without becoming too tired. She loves eating chips and meat and enjoys playing with dolls. In fact, she can often be found sitting quietly in the SACH house with a doll wrapped around her back - in the same traditional way mothers from home carry their babies. Although Aisha is shy and still getting used to the 'balagan' that is the SACH house, she is very well behaved and enjoys participating in craft activities and playing with the other children. She doesn't know yet what she wants to be when she grows up.



 Best Graceford Tibihika



Best, also known as "Besti", is a 13 year old boy from Kagera, Tanzania. He made the trip to Israel alone, leaving his mother, father, and 3 siblings at home. Their house consists of 4 bedrooms and 1 sitting room and is located 6 minutes by car to the nearest hospital. Both of his parents are teachers. Best enjoys school very much. He is in the 7th grade and his favourite subject is science. Fittingly, he wants to be a doctor when he grows up. His hobbies consist of studying and watching the news. Best is quiet, shy, and extremely bright. He can understand much more English than he lets on to and is a pleasure to be around. He is very helpful in the SACH house and can often be found taking care of the younger children. Doctors discovered his heart condition 1 year ago. Luckily, he experiences no limitations from it currently. His favourite colour is white and his favourite meal is fish and rice. Best says that being here without his mother doesn't scare him. Though he feels good to be here, he is excited to go home and be able to cook for his family.




 Willium Chiragwile Msomi



William is a cuddly 10 month old boy from the Musoma village in Tanzania. His home, which has 2 bedrooms and 1 sitting room, is a 30 minute walk from the nearest hospital. He lives with his parents, who are both farmers, and his 7 older siblings (5 sisters and 2 brothers). When Willium was just 2 weeks old, he was brought to the hospital because he was having difficulty breathing. X-rays revealed a hole in his heart. He was also diagnosed with Down syndrome. He suffers often from severe fever and coughing due to his heart condition. This little guy enjoys milk and porridge and loves to laugh - every time he does his forehead wrinkles in the cutest way. His mother hopes for his future to be filled with education.










 Aiman Juma Ame



Aiman is almost 4 years old and comes to SACH from Mumbasa, Zanzibar where she lives with her 2 siblings and her parents in a big 3-bedroom house. Her mother, Saada, is a business woman, and her father, Juma, works in a hotel bar. Aiman’s heart condition was discovered when she was having regular high fevers and fainting spells at 3 months old. She was sent to the Mnazi Mmoja hospital, which is luckily only a 30 minute bus ride away from her house, where she was treated for her condition. However, the hospital lacked the necessary resources to perform the complicated surgery needed to cure her. The story of how Aiman came to Israel is an amazing one. Her resourceful father, not disheartened by the lack of medical resources in Zanzibar, brought up his daughter’s condition to some Israeli tourists at the hotel where he works, who mentioned the Save a Child’s Heart organization. Returning home, he looked up the organization online and took the initiative to email the office concerning his daughter. He was then told to travel to Mwanza to the Israeli Medical Mission, where SACH doctors took one look at Aiman’s adorable face and bubbly personality and beating heart and pronounced that she would be on the next plane to Israel. Her mother is very excited for her to be healthy so she can lead a regular life playing with her friends and attending school. Aiman loves to draw and write and can’t wait to start school next year when she returns to Zanzibar with her healthy heart. Aiman is an adorably silly girl with a loud personality who leaves her mark on everyone and everything she touches.