Children Currently in Israel

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Save a Child's Heart is currently treating thirty four children:



 Before surgery       After surgery 










 Dyako, Iraq

Dyako is a little boy from northern Iraq who is in Israel with his mother. Dyako’s parents realized something was wrong with their sweet baby boy almost immediately after he was born. A visit to a local cardiologist just nine days after his birth confirmed their fears, when he was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease. Dyako is a cute little baby with beautiful dark eyes and a heart-melting smile. His mother is a brave, open-minded, sweet woman with a caring heart for her little son. Her ability to speak some English, due to her being a teacher at school in Kurdistan, is helpful during conversations here in Israel.


 Dawod, Iraq


Dawod is a thirteen year old boy from northern Iraq, who is in Israel with his mother. The tenth of thirteen siblings, he is small for his age and looks like he could be eight or nine. His slight frame, though, is superseded by his cheerful face and his open smile.




 Rozheen, Iraq




Rozheen is a one-year-old girl from Northern Iraq. Rozheen is suffering from a severe lack of oxygen, which turns her whole body blue. Although she is very sick, she loves to dress up and can always be seen in pink and purple dresses and bows, and gold jewelry. Rozheen has been named SACH’s princess and like most princesses has a sweet side and an ornery side. Her mother is a quiet but happy woman, who doesn’t mind sitting beside her daughter's bed for hours. Rozheen is very cute and generous with her smiles, and lights up any room. She is a very lively girl who moves around all the time. She especially likes to try to remove her oxygen tubes, which leaves her mother in quite a challenging situation.




 Wisam, Iraq




Wisam is a very easy-going one-year-old boy from Northern Iraq who is in Israel with his father. His mother just gave birth to twins a month ago and it was impossible for her to join him. From the moment Wisam's father arrived in Israel, he displayed a tender, considerate heart towards his son. He is a very cheerful and talkative man who had to made several sacrifices to be able to travel to Israel, like making the difficult decision to say goodbye to his job. Wisam is very blue and is in urgent need of life-saving heart surgery.  He is a well-behaved child who respects his father very much. 










 Ali, Palestinian Authority 



Ali is a very friendly three year old boy from Jericho. When he was baby his grandmother realized that he would turn blue every time he went to eat. The doctors told his family that Ali might not live very long but sent him to a cardiologist anyway. His cardiologist then referred him to Save a Child's Heart. He has four sisters and one brother. Ali is the youngest child and all of his big brothers and sisters miss him terribly. His mother stays home with the children and the father works as a taxi driver.



 Rafaat, Palestinian Authority



Rafaat is a seventeen year old young man from the West Bank



 Lamar, Palestinian Authority



Lamar is a very cute two month old baby girl from Beita Foka in the West Bank. She has three brothers and two sisters. They are all worried about their baby sister and call all of the time to see how she is doing. Her father is currently working in Israel so it is easier for him to stop by the hospital to see how his little girl is doing. Her parents have known about her heart condition since her birth. As doctors were doing routine test after she was born they discovered her oxygen levels were low. The doctors told the family to go to a cardiologist who then referred the family to Save a Child's Heart



 Suha, Palestinian Authority



Here from Hebron, Suha is a very sweet five year old girl. She loves to play with other kids but sometimes gets tired from running around. She is at Wolfson Medical Center with her very attentive mother who had to leave Suha's three sisters and one brother at home. The family has known about her heart condition since Suha was born. Before her surgery she had difficulties breathing and she would sleep all of the time. She is not in school yet but hopefully once she is better she will be able to attend. Her father works as a farmer and her mother studied math in school but now devotes her time to her children at home.



 Jana, Palestinian Authority



Jana is a four month old baby girl from the West Bank







 Masa, Syria


Masa 2


Masa is an adorable 4-year-old princess who came to Israel alongside her mom. She is always smiling and extremely sweet by nature. She becomes the center of attention anywhere she goes and is always excited to make new friends! Her absolute favorite color to wear is pink and loves wearing colorful clips in her hair. Masa has a rare heart defect where she has multiple holes between her right and left ventricles. Despite her condition, she is a very cheerful young girl and her mother is very happy that Masa will be receiving treatment for her heart.



 Brievan, Syria 


Brievan 2


Brievan is a beautiful 9-month-old girl with the cutest button nose and sweet smile. She  is learning how to stand and walk on her own and loves to play with toys. She also loves to wave and smile at those around her. Unfortunately, Brievan has a hole between the two chambers of her heart and looks to her grandmother, who came with her to Israel for support. In spite of her condition, Brievan’s cheerfulness is contagious and it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with her. 



 Niyaz, Syria


Niyaz 2


Niyaz is a bright-eyed 1-year-old girl with blonde curly locks and a beautiful smile. She is very curious about her surroundings and always ready to explore. She loves to play with toys, especially with her new foam animals! Niyaz was born with a congenital heart defect and is in Israel with her mother, awaiting surgery. She has one younger brother and has another sibling on the way, as her mother is 4 months pregnant. Niyaz makes the cutest faces and her personality really shines through.










  Simon Sumun



Simon is a charming little boy who can get anything done with his big smile and beautiful eyes. Simon is 6 years old and he has brothers as well as sisters but he cannot remember how many. His father sells vegetables at the market and his mother is a tailor. He is in 1th grade in school and loves it; he would like to go to school every day of his life. He wants to be a doctor when he grows up.



 Paul Sospeter Butilima



Paulo is 1 year and 9 months old. He is from Mwanza, Tanzania (more specifically a district by the name of Magu in the village of Sayaka). His father is a farmer and his mother stays at home to take care of the family. Paulo has 2 brothers, one of which is his identical twin named Petro. They all live together in a sand home with 3 rooms. Paulo’s heart condition was discovered when he was 3 weeks old; his mother brought him to the hospital because she noticed that he was struggling to breath. By motorbike, it takes 4 hours to reach the closest health center and 6 hours to reach the nearest hospital. Paulo is too little now, but he will begin school when he turns 5. His favorite toys are small cars and empty tins. This little cutie can be found smiling and running around the SACH house (often topless). He seems to always be on a mission and really enjoys pressing the button that opens the gate to the house. Paulo’s mother would like him to be a doctor or a teacher when he grows up.



 George Mnanka Bhoke



George is a lovely 9 year old boy from Magena, a small village near Mwanza, Tanzania. He lives there with his parents and 7 siblings. George is the 5th child and he has 4 sisters and 3 brothers. His parents have a small business and own a farm. George loves going to school and he attends the 3rd grade. When he got sick, about 3 years ago he missed many days of school, however, with medication his condition improved. He hopes that he can have the surgery as soon as possible and go back home healthy and ready to study again. When he is not in school he helps out on the farm, but he dreams of becoming a police officer, he especially loves traffic! 



 Abel Simon George



Abel is a shy, cute 8 year old boy from Itirima, a village in Shinyanga, Tanzania where he speaks a specific dialect of Swahili. Therefore, we found it to be a challenge when communicating with him, as our nurses speak Swahili with the other Tanzanian children. Luckily there was another mother from that region who could help translate and make him feel at home. Abel lives with his parents and 3 siblings. He loves playing football and would like to be a doctor when he grows up.  



 Joshua Kenedy Stephano



Joshua is an adorable baby boy from Mwanza, Tanzania. He is 1,9 year old and very attached to his nice mother. Joshua lives with his mother and 5 siblings. His father left them when he discovered that his son was sick, leaving his mother to provide for her family. Joshua’s mother used to work in the kitchen of the University but it was very hard work and difficult to balance with her family. She switched her job and now sells tomatoes at the market. Her oldest son just finished high school and her two eldest girls are married and have families of their own. Joshua’s mother is convinced that her son can be saved and will return healthy and lead a normal, happy life. 



 Josephu Martin Matangili Mbute


Josephu is a chatty 4 year old boy from Tanzania. He lives with his mother (Modesta), father (Martin), and 3 older siblings in an apartment with 7 small rooms. His parents are both farmers. It takes 1 hour by bus to get to the nearest hospital from where they live in Mwanza. Josephu’s favourite food is rice and he loves playing with sand. He also enjoys throwing a football around, but because of his heart condition tires very easily and therefore can’t do it for too long. Josephu’s mother hopes that one day her son will be a doctor or a teacher. These days, you can find a smiling, happy, talkative Josephu exploring the 1st floor of the SACH house!.




 Princes Phanuel Fabian



Princes is a lovable 10 month old girl from Mwanza, Tanzania. Her mother (Patricia) and father (Fanwin Fabia) are both in business, working in grocery stores. Princes has one sibling; an older brother named Prince who is 3 years old. The family lives together in a home with 3 bedrooms, a dining room, a sitting room, and a kitchen. When Princes smiles, her face scrunches in the most adorable way. She loves to play with toys! Her parents discovered she was sick through the most recent SACH medical mission to Tanzania. They hope that one day Princes becomes a doctor 



 Dismas Dinus King



Dismas is a super cute little four year old boy from Tanzania. His mother (Donata) and father (Denus) are both farmers. Along with his parents, Dismas lives with his 3 brothers in a house that fits 3 small rooms and a little kitchen. Their home is located 3 hours away from the nearest hospital. Dismas does not yet attend school, but will start next year. Doctors discovered his heart condition at a hospital check-up. This little guy has huge eyes and a great smile. His favourite foods are rice and chips. He loves being tickled and has a contagious giggle! There isn’t a shy bone in his body – he loves meeting new people and interacting with all the visitors who come by the SACH house!



 Jenifa Ateino Kapis



Jenifa is a lovely sixteen year old girl from Musoma city in Tanzania. There, she lives with her family. Her father is a farmer and her mother runs a restaurant. She is the second eldest of five children; she has two brothers and two sisters. Though she attended school until the primary level, she is currently not studying. Before her surgery, Jenifa experienced extreme chest pain and swelling in her foot. Just like other teenagers, Jenifa really enjoys listening to music. Down the road, she hopes to become a tailor.




 Rabia Hassani Juma



Rabia is a lovely 7 year old girl from Tanzania. She has 4 siblings; 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Her father is a fisherman and her mother stays at home to take care of the family. They all live together in a house with 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room. It takes a full day to get to the nearest hospital from Lindi (the village where they live). Although Rabia doesn’t currently attend school, she plans to next year. In fact, she enjoys learning so much that she hopes to become a teacher one day! During her free time she likes to play games, especially cards. Rabia’s heart condition was discovered when she was seen by a doctor who was part of the most recent SACH medical mission to Tanzania. Rabia is a very friendly girl who radiates with positivity and always has a genuine smile on her face. 



 Shani Yahaya Mussa Kindimbe



Shani is a quiet 9 year old girl from Lindi, Tanzania. There, she lives with her parents (both of whom are farmers) and her little sister who is 3 years old. Her village is very far from medical care; it takes a full day of travel to reach the closest hospital. Shani attends school and her favourite subject is Swahili. When she grows up, she hopes to become a teacher. For fun, she enjoys drawing cartoons (she gets tired very easily so cannot do any physical activity). Doctors participating in the most recent SACH medical mission to Tanzania discovered she was sick. Although shy, Shani is very sweet and charming and always brings smiles to the faces of those around her.




 Matondo Singili Magembe



Matondo is a five year old boy from Tanzania.




 Paulo Werema Nyamhanga



Paulo is a sweet 2 year and 10 month old boy from Mwanza, Tanzania. His mother (Nya Busamba) and father (Werema) are both cattle farmers. Paulo is the youngest of 7 children; he has 3 older sisters and 3 older brothers. The village where he and his family live is called Kibara Bunda. There, they reside in a round home with 3 rooms. Paulo’s favourite food is porridge and his favourite toy is a small car. He experiences difficulty breathing and because of this, sometimes finds it hard to play. Seeking medical treatment is a long process; a small healthcare center is a 2 hour motorcycle ride away, and the hospital is a 6 hour trip by car or bus. His mother hopes for Paulo to become a surgeon or a traffic patrol officer in the future. 



 Bernadeta Bartazari Kija



Bernadeta is a wonderful 15 year old girl from Tanzania. She and her family live in a city called Shinyanga. Bernadeta, along with her mother (Eris), father (Bartazaly), 3 brothers and 1 sister share a 3 bedroom home. The family cooks and eats all meals outside. There are also 4 bathroom stalls in their yard. Her father is employed as an engineer and her mother stays at home during the day. Bernadeta attends school and is in the 9th grade. Her favourite subject is science but she also enjoys English class. Just like other teenagers, Bernadeta spends her free time hanging out with friends. She also loves eating good food (who doesn’t?) – in fact, she says she’ll eat anything! Bernadeta hopes that the surgery will take away the pain she feels in her chest, and she wishes to one day be able to run far distances. When she gets older, she would like to be a doctor. As one of the oldest kids in the house, Bernadeta has adopted the role of caregiver. She can often be found comforting the babies or accompanying the younger children to get their medicine. Bernadeta is a beautiful girl on the inside and out.








 Feisal Salum Khamis



Feisal is an adorable timid boy from Chuin. He has three sisters and two brothers back in Zanzibar.  His father is a gardener and his mother is a housewife.  Feisal lives thirty minutes away from the closest hospital.  Feisal loves to run around and play soccer and his absolute favorite food is beans.  Feisal’s mom hopes that his surgery will go well and he will be able to run around and play like other children his age once he recovers!



 Rashid Saleh Khamis



Rashid is a beautiful 9 month old boy from Pemba. He has four older brothers and two older sisters and his father is a fisherman.  Rashid lives over an hour and a half away from the nearest hospital. Rashid is always happy and will play with anything that is put in front of him!



 Sultan Mbarouk Kombo



Sultan is a gorgeous 1-year-old boy from Pemba, Zanzibar. He has two older brothers and three older sisters. His father is a builder and his mother is a housewife. Sultan loves to play with toys and his favorite food is porridge!



Is-Haka Hassan Juma



Is-Haka is a friendly three year old boy from Zanzibar. He came to the SACH house with his aunt from Zanzibar leaving behind four brothers and three sisters. His father is a farmer and his mother is a housewife. You can find Is-Haka by following the noise of clapping and the rattling of a tambourine. He loves to watch cartoons on TV and play football. Is-Haka is always looking out for the other boys from Zanzibar and sharing the toys he is playing with!  When he grows up he wants to be a teacher.



 Aiman Mohd Khamis Mohd



Aiman is a sweet 9 month old girl from Mwela.  Aiman is the youngest in her family with six older brothers! Her father is a soldier and her mother is a housewife. Aiman loves rice and potatoes and is just beginning to learn to stand on her own!



 Barnabas Joseph Yakoub



Barnabas is a happy two and a half year old boy from Buzini.  He came to the SACH house with his mother who he loves to play with. He has one younger brother and his father is in the army while his mother is a housewife. Barnabas lives in a three bedroom stone house, which is an hour away from the nearest hospital. You can always find Barnabas walking around the SACH house with a toy car and he also loves to play with balls. Barnabas's mother wants him to become a doctor when he grows up. 



 Munhir Juma Rajb



Munhir is a sweet, shy two and a half year old boy from Zanzibar. He came to the SACH house with his aunt who is excited for him to become more active after his surgery. He has one younger brother. His father works in a restaurant and his mom is a housewife. He likes to play with any sort of ball but specifically loves playing soccer. Munhir is a happy boy who loves sitting and listening to adult conversations.



 Said Omar Bakar



Said is a sweet 5 year old boy from Zanzibar. His mother (a stay at home mom), father (a driver), 2 sisters and 3 brothers live in Pemba. Said’s grandfather began caring for him shortly after his heart condition was discovered so that he could have easier access to healthcare. It is only 2 busses to the hospital from Unguja, where the two of them live together in a rented 2 bedroom apartment. By normal travel it takes 8 hours to reach the hospital, but by express travel it only takes 3 hours. After his surgery, Said will return home to his immediate family. Due to his condition, he doesn’t currently attend school. However, he is excited to start when he is home and healthy! His favorite food is rice and beans, his favorite toy is a small car, and his favorite color is white. Said runs the “little kid gang ” here in the SACH house; there is a group of 3 and 4 year olds who follow him around and do whatever he is doing. When he grows up, he hopes to become a business man - he wants to drive a “bodabada” (a small pickup truck) to transport rice, maize and beans.