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SACH volunteer Edan Davidson and Save a Child's Heart Director of International Relations, Tamar Shapira, are taking part in the SACH medical mission in Mwanza, Tanzania and are updating us every day
Save a Child's Heart Marketing Manager, Sara Mucznik, is taking part in the SACH medical mission in Zanzibar and is updating us every day
Save a Child's Heart receives recommendation for UN Recognition!
Who arrived...Who left...Who had a birthday...
Round Up adds more credit cards that enable you to donate your change
Help SACH win a $250,000 prize at the simple click of a button
Her Excellency Andrea Faulkner visits SACH
Program uniting Palestinian and Israeli volunteers takes off!
Our first ever child from El Salvador arrives in Israel
A volunteer shares his thoughts with us
A child from the Haiti earthquake is operated on by SACH
The exciting story of ten year old Tamru, who did the whole journey from Ethiopia to Israel by himself to undergo life saving open heart surgery
The first International Seminar on " Congenital Heart disease in Babies under One Years of Age"
The New Save a Child's Heart Children's Home
The first international meeting of SACH affiliates...
The life of a young Sudanese refugee saved in Israel by SACH
Sami Shamoon, President of Save a Child's Heart International, passed away.
President of Rotary International, Mr. Dong-Kurn Lee, visiting the hospital and the children's home
Save a Child's Heart second medical mission to Angola
Save a Child’s Heart Switzerland was officially formed in Geneva on April 21, 2009
Lyka, SACH first child from the Philippines, is brought to Israel for life saving heart surgery
Eight children, five mothers and a nurse from Angola, Zanzibar and Kenya returned home...
SACH Palestinian Partner receives a New Portable Echo Machine
Save a Child's Heart 8th Teaching & Surgical Mission to China
Save a Child's Heart on the First Cardiology Mission to Luanda, Angola
Ambassador of Angola Visits the First Angolan Children to Undergo Life Saving Heart Surgery in Israel
World Famous Soccer Player Rio Ferdinand Visits Save a Child's Heart in Israel
Israeli International Singer "NOA" Visits Children at the Wolfson Medical Center and Sings to Children at the Children's Home
Save a Child's Heart invited to Present at the First Israeli Presidential Conference in Jerusalem
The Ambassador of Ethiopia Visits Children from Ethiopia, and From Other Countries, at the Wolfson Medical Center and at the Children's Home
Founders and Supporters of the Dutch Organization KidsRights Visits Save a Child’s Heart